Vantage FX Review

For Forex EA Reviews today we are getting started with a Vantage FX review! This time, this software is known for being one of the most popular and well-done in the market. But, we will find out whether that´s true or not in this article! We have tried this brokerage for quite some time already to give you an accurate and honest view. But don´t forget we are always transparent when it comes to our opinions!

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Let´s get started to see what this Vantage FX review has to offer!

What´s Vantage FX brokerage about?

The Vantage FX brokerage is a premium trading software that works with raw ECN technology. It provides all traders a great sense of security, customization, and amazing performance. Also, as it provides a premium service, traders get a higher revenue for their trades in general. So you will maximize and increase your profits just by using this service! It´s as easy as that. Also, it works using a big number of different strategies, features, and settings. These are the reason why it´s known for being one of the Best Meta Trader Brokers of 2021 and the best Copy Trader from 2021 as well.

Apart from being able to enhance your trading strategy, this software is a great opportunity to learn more about the market. And the best part is you will still make tons of money while learning some tips and tricks. With Vantage FX you can choose from so many different assets in general, so you can expand your portfolio in no time. Or you can trade using new assets to see which ones fit best with what you want to accomplish. Either way, you will be able to accomplish all your goals because get some of the newest technology with this company!

Company Details Overview

The Vantage FX company has been out in the market since early 2009. It is based in Port Vila, Vanuatu, you can find the address on the website if you wish. So, as you can see, these people are super transparent when it comes to the way they portray themselves. Also, as a fully regulated brokerage by many international companies, all clients find it to be one of the best choices to use nowadays.

This company allows all traders from anywhere in the world to trade many assets using international markets. And this is a feature that not many companies have available for their customers around the world.

If you choose to work with this company, you must know they are reliable, trustworthy, and transparent. On the official website, you will find a whole section where the creators and developers talk about their values as a company. And many people who have tried this software before, say how amazing it is at all times.

So, make sure to keep your eyes open in this Vantage FX review! Because we are talking more and more in deep about why you shouldn´t think twice before getting this brokerage!


Regulations and Laws

From our experience as traders, we know that this topic might be one of the most important ones while choosing new software. So, that´s why in this Vantage FX review we are focusing to provide you as much information as possible. But, remember that you can always read about this in more detail on the official website as well! There is a user-agreement and a risk-disclosure that all traders should read before getting started with this software.

Getting into detail, this company is regulated by the Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA), and by the Securities Investment Business Law (SIBL). These insurances provided not only take care of the trader and their investments but also the employees in the company and the people who use the partnership program. Also, all money is held separately in an Australian bank. So, your investments and the company´s money will be safe at all times in the future!

Trading Platforms Supported

In this Vantage FX review, we have said many times how innovative are the technologies this company uses. And now, we will talk about it in depth! The first thing to know is this company uses all the resources and technology available. So there are tons of possibilities and different things you can try out!

At the moment, this software operates on the MT4 and MT5 platforms, it has an online version, as well as a downloadable desktop version. There is a new mobile app available too! So you have no excuses to not trade anytime whenever you are! Also, the best part about having so many different platforms available is the customization you get. Remember this company allows its traders to fully change their software to their needs. So you can use add ons, more features, set up different settings, and more! Don´t forget you can also operate your broker using an indicator or expert advisor to enhance and better your experience using it! That way, your results can be way more accurate while trading.

Apart from that, this software is a great choice if you are just getting started in this business or even if you are a professional trader. You can learn and trade at the same time as this company has video tutorials, a blog, and a YouTube channel where they provide tricks and tips. So make sure you use all the resources available to have the best experience using this brokerage!

vantagefx pairs

Assets and Markets

This company has a handful of different markets supported and many assets to trade with. But, now in this Vantage FX review, we will be talking about it in detail! So you can see how versatile this company is for being able to let traders choose what markets they want, even international ones! And at the moment, the assets available range from Forex currencies, precious metals, commodities, share CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and more! There are over 350 assets you can choose from and customize to make the most out of your software.

Remember when we mentioned above this one is premium software? well, this plays a big fact in your profits while trading! To be exact, your revenue will be high by the end of each month because you will be trading with international markets and currencies. Also, the leverage, the asset, and spreads play a big role in it too! So, while working with Vantage FX you get all of these advantages.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

The process of getting started with this software is very easy and shouldn´t be a hard situation as it is with other services. So, just after creating your account, you can start depositing your money into your funds to get your trades rolling in! There many thrid party websites from where you can deposit your money. Some of these are PayPal, Neteller, Union pay, Skrill, bank transfers in general, and you can use China Union Pay too! Just keep in mind some transfer fees may apply depending on which service you use.

The withdrawal process is just as easy as the deposit. You just need to log-in to your account and choose how much money you want to withdraw. And make sure you request it from your account during hours, as it may take longer for international traders, depending on where you live. But, for Australian traders, you can get your money transferred directly into your bank account in a matter of seconf}ds! So that´s a big advantage.

And getting into the packages available on the website, there are quite a few. If you want just a basic standard account, the minimum deposit you need is USD 200. But, if you want a corporate account or a professional account, you might have to invest up to USD 20,000 as soon as you create your account.

vantagefx mt4

Mobile Apps

Now for this Vantage FX review, we are talking about the brand new app the company just dropped a few months ago! And since it launched online it has been a success! And just like the online version of the broker, you can customize as much as you want! There are many add-ons you can put into your account, change the timeframes, and even leverage!

This app also supports many different languages, you can change the interface and set up the way you want to trade.

Another great thing about this app is you can link it with other third-party websites for Forex. This will help you feel more in control and you will know all the latest news! For example, you can get real-life notifications from Trading Central about the best deals available in the market at that moment. Or you can just take a quick look at your finances if you wish! But don´t forget there are no real limitations with this app is you can achieve all you want using it!

And this app is available for both Android and Apple products as long as the software version is compatible. So you can use it on all your devices without a problem!

Vantage FX Supported Countries

Although this company is international and has tons of clients from all around the world, it is not supported everywhere sadly! But, as it has full regulation by two entities, it is available and many countries! Here´s a list of the non-supported countries at the moment! Those are Canada and the United States at the moment. But, remember that this might change soon as the Vantage FX company is always working towards expanding their business everywhere.

Meanwhile, these are the countries where you can get this service right now! We have Qatar, France, Luxembourg, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, the U.K, and India. Also, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Norway, South Africa, and Germany. And finally, Saudi Arabia, most of the African countries, and the United Arab Emirates are supported too!

Vantage FX Customer Support Available

To finish off this Vantage FX review the right way, we are talking about the customer support available with his company! So far, we tried it ourselves and the outcome was very positive, the people working behind this company are kind and take care of their clients. Also, they provide their phone number as well as an e-mail if you need to contact them. But you can always fill out the form on their website and wait until you hear back from them. It usually takes a few hours, but make sure to be patient because they get tons of different inquires from traders around the world!

Benefits & Drawbacks


  • You can trade using international markets.
  • As the Vantage FX is a premium brokerage, you get more profit with each trade you win.
  • This service is regulated by two companies.
  • You can link-up indicators or expert advisors with your account to improve the way your brokerage works.


  • A professional trading account needs a deposit of over USD 10,000 as soon as you create your account.

Summary Vantage FX Review

This Vantage FX review has come to an end! What do you think about this service already? We tried this software and have nothing but a great experience using it, everything was easy to manage from start to finish. And the customer service was great at all times! So we have nothing bad to say about this broker!

The price range and all the advantages, you get for this premium service are incredible. You won´t get an offer like this anywhere else in the market nowadays. So make sure you don´t miss out on this opportunity! This software is one of the best choices for traders in 2021 and you can make the most out of it in a short time!

Don´t forget to share this article with other traders in the market who you know might need this useful information. And make sure to tell us what do you think about this broker so far!

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