RoFx EA Review (Benefits & drawbacks)

This time we are doing a RoFx EA review in this article. And we are highlighting the most important parts, features, and settings of this innovative EA. So, if you were looking for the best review of the RoFx EA, you are in the right place! Keep reading until the very end of the post to find out everything you need to know before getting and working with this EA. Can we add the RoFx EA to our Best EA page?

What is RoFx EA?

This RoFx EA review will be quite different. Because this time, we encounter a robot that operates with artificial intelligence while trading. It is a 100% automated software. If you have been in this industry for some time now, you must have heard about it before. You don’t pay for the Robot itself, you pay a fee for the performance of the EA, and this company has a loss coverage policy. And some professional traders say the RoFx EA is the best expert advisor launched to date.

Also, we found some particularities around this Robot, all of them positive, of course. As we mentioned, this EA trades using artificial intelligence, as well as very specific mathematical algorithms. So, these two combined work as a money-making machine that will make your account and profits skyrocket.

The developers of this EA are so confident with the Robot they created that they give a return of funds. But keep in mind that it might not even happen, as the probability of drawdown while using this Robot is super low. This EA is super revolutionary because it is based on a neural network, excluding the influence of the human emotional factor.

RoFx EA Features

We will study the most important key features in this part of the RoFx EA Review.

  • It shows Signal for new trades available.
  • This EA has a loss coverage guarantee.
  • It is based on the neural network.
  • RoFx EA works with innovative mathematical algorithms.
  • It has a profit consistency feature while trading.
  • It is a fully automated software.
  • This Robot has a stable passive income.
  • It has money safety.
  • This robot has no leverage.
  • It provides minimum risk while trading.

Who is behind RoFx EA?

We are giving you the information in this part of the RoFx EA review, about the team that works behind this amazing Robot. We will also have a look for their names, location, and trading experience.

This time on the official website, the vendor provides information about them. This Robot was made since 2009 by a group of successful Forex traders and developers. And quite sometime later they decided to sell the Robot online. But firstly they did a lot of backtesting with their own money. So they could ensure it worked perfectly fine with all the innovative features they implemented.

The headquarters of the RoFx EA is located in the United Kingdom, Miami, and Hong Kong. So you can already imagine the success they have had since day one! But, the only thing they don’t give is the names of the creators and developers of this Robot.

RoFx EA Trading Strategy

For this part of the RoFx EA review, let’s reveal what you need to know about the performance and overall trading strategy. You don’t need any experience to be successful with this Robot. Either you are an expert or a beginner; you will get good profits with the RoFx EA. Since this EA launch in 2009, it has steady profits daily. And the monthly gains go from 8% to 10%, depending on the currency pair you decide to trade.

You can check the results from the Myfxbook account they offer to find the performance of the Robot. All backtesting made with real money from the creators. Also, these developers are so confident with their method that they give a guarantee of return if you lose money. So, you can be sure you will only make profits while operating with it.

The risk while trading is only 0.38%, no matter the package or pair you are using. And it is fully automated. So don’t have to spend hours sitting in front of a computer to gain money.

It trades only with the EURUSD and GBPUSD pair. These two might be the only downsides while using this Robot. Because it is expensive, you get the security of your funds by the company. They also fully cover the losses of the Robot.

rofx ea review

RoFx EA Packages/Prices

For our Rofx EA review, we found it interesting that this EA has way too many choices for packages for their customers to choose from. So, there are five different packages available to purchase. And all of them have very different prices.


  • USD 1,000- 5,000.
  • 30 trading days.
  • Daily trading profit: 40%
  • Performance fee: 60%

Easy Start

  • USD 5,000-10,000
  • 70 trading days.
  • Daily trading profit: 50%
  • Performance fee: 50%


  • USD 10,000-50,000
  • 270 trading days.
  • Daily trading profit: 65%
  • Performance fee: 35%


  • USD 50,000-100,0000
  • 270 trading days.
  • Daily trading profit: 75%
  • Performance fee: 25%


  • USD 100,000- Unlimited
  • 270 trading days.
  • Daily trading profit: 85%
  • Performance fee: 15%


  • USD 10 million- Unlimited
  • No trading period.
  • Daily trading profit: 85%
  • Performance fee: 15%

Clients’ Review

On their website, there is also a small section where you can find the clients’ feedback. Everyone seems to be satisfied with the overall performance of the Robot and has over 8.0 satisfactions out of 10 from clients. All of them are very thankful for having a service so user-friendly with amazing customer support available when needed. You can e-mail them or even call one of the offices, they will answer. So far, everything about the RoFx EA is positive!

Pros & Cons


  • The developers guarantee the safety of your funds & all coverage of losses.
  • You can fund your account using Bitcoin, USD, or EUR.
  • It has 100% confidentiality.
  • The beginner won’t get any trouble for their start.
  • This EA provides daily profit with minimum risks.
  • It provides 24/7 customer support.


  • All the packages offered are incredibly expensive.
  • It trades only on four major currency pairs. These are EURUSD and GBPUSD
  • The EA needs USD 1000 to start trading.

RoFx EA Review Conclusion

We have got to the end of our RoFx EA review article. Overall, this EA is user-friendly and a great choice for traders. But of course, it is really expensive. And we know most new traders don’t have this amount of money to invest right away. But, if you do, you get loss coverage. If somehow you are not happy with it. Also you can read other ea reviews on our website off course.

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