ND10X Review (Benefits and Drawbacks)

Welcome to our Forex EA Reviews website! ND10X review is the next in line for us to play with. Providing you with nothing but the best, we ensure that by the end of the article, you will be able to make the right choice depending upon your requirements and the trading strategy that suits you best. Can we add the ND10X to our Best EA page?

According to millions of users, the ND10X is a much-awaited product of Forex based on its efficient, high- intelligence, and smart trading bots.

In this review, we are going to explain the performance of the ND10X along with its features, packages/price, trading strategy, backtest(if any), and the much-awaited and unbiased conclusion.

What is ND10X?

ND10X review is going to provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about the famous bot of-all-time. The ND10X is known as Nicola Delic’s ND10X, which happens to be the newly launched product of Forex developers. It has been developed and brought to the trading world by Nicola Delic, a smart fund manager who is running several firms, hence explains the product’s name ND10X as his own.

The ND10X enables professional trading whose efficiency and accuracy beats the world with quite a margin. No doubt it took six years for the developer to create such an intelligent masterpiece which has left all the potential users awe-inspired.

The fact that Nicola Delic had gone through a hard time understanding the trading tools and equipment has made him built a bot which is a lot easy to use. Hence, we can say that the ND10X is a user-friendly bot that makes not only a successful trader, but also teachers the users to make significantly huge profits.

Due to its high accuracy and trading, the bot runs on MT5 MetaTrader5 platform.

ND10X Features

ND10X review features a great deal of accuracy and intelligence that all passionate users strive for in the brutal world of trading. Without any further delay, let’s get into it.

  • ND10X system takes only a little part of the system in order to earn a profit.
  • Accuracy and win-percentage are between 70-89%.
  • It lets users level up their income within a short period.
  • It has a total worth of $3000.00+

Who is behind ND10X?

ND10X review has all the information you need about the developer of the famous product ND10X. Nicola Delic is the developer of training and trading systems and the founder of world-famous ND10X. Back in the day, Nicola was running the world’s profitable funds in Europe before he chose to sell all of it to start with trading at the age of 25. Being an all-rounder, Nicola managed to maintain his name by running several firms and developing impeccable products in the trading world.

Nicola’s main objective was to build tools which can help beginners understand the trading. He chose to focus on user-friendly features and hence created the ND10X tool accordingly.

Nicola’s past products include EWDNA considered best for trading ELLIOT wave ever to release. Another Nicola’s product STM Scientific Trading Machine proved to provide a 90% profit as explained by potential traders.

Nicola had also built the Forex Master Levels system which also targeted the beginners to learn trading with semi-automated tools.

ND10X Trading Strategy

ND10X review focuses keenly on the trading strategy of the bot, which happens to be a robust trading system with precise signals that help the user, beginners or advance, to gain profit.

The trading strategy is simple. It tells you when you should make the call and when to sell, hence, saving you from the dilemma. The bot helps you at every step. The ND10X indicator has proved to be the number one selling product as it assures you nothing but profit. Where trading can eat and save you at the same time, ND10X trader makes sure to save the day from all monetary risks.

While some people think that trading is a pure game of luck, let me tell you; it isn’t. The specialized ND10X observes the trend from the beginning to the end, and with proper calculations, it tells you to make or sell.

The ND10X indicator makes the right guess based on Triad escalator system with three indicators.

  1. ND Dot indicator.
  2. Escalator Arrow Indicator.
  3. Escalator Filter Indicator.

Based on all three indicators, the ND10X has won its place in the market by making the right choice at the right time, which is the essence of success.

ND10X Package/Price


ND10X review makes sure that you don’t miss out on the package detail for a quick purchase. Unlike any other product, ND10X provides you with a simple one-price plan to gain access to the entire system. The whole system with video and setup manual costs you $499, which is quite affordable for any trader.

The Money-back guarantee is the best it could get with a refund period lasting for 60-days in case the system plan doesn’t suit your need. With that being said, you are smart enough to realize that you can test the product for an excellent two-month period before you finally decide to keep it or return it.

The famous Clickbank offers the membership and refund for the ND10X product. Hence, you can be on the free trial for two months by keeping your full confidence in the fact that it is going to be a full refund because the most respected management system ClickBank is managing ND10X membership.

nd10x review

Pros and Cons

ND10X review has more positive points than negative. You should have realized that by now, haven’t you?


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • One-price for all.
  • Clear membership plan.
  • 100% refund guarantee.
  • Refund period of 60 days.
  • A step-by-step manual for easy understanding.
  • All features are available in one plan.


  • Not automated.
  • At least two-week practice can help you get in.
  • Not your get-rich-quick guide.

ND10X Review Conclusion

ND10X review has explained the most intriguing and straightforward facts about the product and the developer. The ND10X is a tool you need if you want to be as successful as the developer itself is.

Nicola Delic has enabled its users to learn and understand the world of trading with proper logic. It’s not your ordinary get-rick guide as it’s not automated. It will help if you put the due effort in order to get results.

This product is definitely worth trying, go for it.

Good luck!

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