MT4 Weekend Gap EA Review

In the MT4 Weekend Gap EA review, the bot’s trading strategy, its creator, back-test (if any), price and packages, and of course, the unbiased conclusion will be discussed shortly. Can we add the MT4 Weekend Gap EA Review to our Best EA page?

The reason of reviewing the expert advisor is the attention that it has been drawing to itself. Half the users from all the globe are skeptical about the product while the other half seem to be too satisfied. The reason of the contrary viewpoints could be the different disposition and trading style.

What one person might find useful can be totally useless to another. Which is why every potential user has different trading strategy and style. Every Forex product cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. Some users like to invest in a bot which works on set and forget basis, while some bots require a proper background before getting the trade started.

As the world is getting busier, users demand a bot that follows the market trend from the beginning to end and make the call or sell. Even the courses regarding How-to-Trade are going downhill due to the fact that users have started to depend entirely on the bots rather than knowing the bots to its true potential.

Hence, to find out what the bot is truly about, let’s get into the detailed MT4 Weekend Gap EA review.

What is Weekend Gap EA?

The llo0. The bot works on MetaTrader4 MT4 platform. Among potential users, the bot is known as the Mother of All in the world of online trading.

The weekend gap is described by the opening and closing gap of a trade. The trades are opened by the broker every Monday and closed every Friday. Hence, there exists a difference between the opening and closing price.

Back in the day, potential traders used to predict what currency will close market gap within 24 hours. The predictions were 84% accurate. Hence, for more accurate results, the MT4 weekend gap EA wins the game.

How does Weekend Gap EA work?

Since the Forex trading market works 24’7, there are certain banks around the globe which remain open on weekends as well. Hence, the trading never stops.

The trader can enter a trade on Monday based on Friday’s closing price. Trading can be risky when multiple currencies are involved. Hence, to eliminate risk and complications, the Weekend Gap EA offers automated trading.

MT4 Weekend Gap EA Review

Why is the Weekend EA most users’ choice?

The plus points given by most traders as observed by the MT4 weekend gap EA review regarding the bot’s performance:

  • The bot manages the wise spreads and trades with 91.85% accuracy and precision.
  • The bot has a higher success rate as compared to other Forex products.
  • The weekend gap expert advisor offers several currencies to trade with. The choice is yours.
  • Since the bot offers a single potential trade per currency per week, the trade can be done with much reduced capital.
  • The expert advisor manages the time zone for your broker account automatically.
  • The weekend gap EA manages wide spreads with great ease.

What’s more to the EA?

The MT4 weekend gap EA review has gathered all the information and comments from potential users who claim to have their games leveled up because of the weekend expert advisor.

One of the greatest advantage of getting your hands on the bot is its easy-to-use operation. Not every bot is easy to use which is why the weekend EA has made its way to users’ preference list.

The bot’s spread is great with 20 currencies which can never be done manually with a positive outcome. Hence, this is where the bot make it to the lime light.

The success rate happens to be 90%+, hence, users are never skeptical about using this bot in the brutal world of online trading.

The most recent behavior of the bot can be verified and observed on the trending chart for those who demand a back test, or testing the bot on demo accounts.

As per many users’ reviews, the bot has earned 1 loss among 9 opened positions. Hence, this is quite an impressive figure.

Package and Price

The MT4 weekend gap EA review has managed to get the information regarding price. The information regarding bot’s price and package can be misguiding at times. Hence, it is always advised to get such details from a trusted source.

After the purchase of the expert advisor, an email is sent by the expert4x to the user. The supported payment medium is Bank, PayPal or MasterCard.

After the purchase, the user can have access to the forum where several expert traders are available to help those in need.

It’s important to know that the bot cannot be operated on more than two computers simultaneously.

For discounts regarding the purchase and additional settings, the users are advised to visit EAFactory website as it has some percentage of discount on the go every time.

MT4 Weekend gap EA review Conclusion

This much awaited MT4 weekend gap EA review has gathered and explained all the basic information regarding the bot. Since many users remain skeptical about the bot, it’s always wise to get rid of the skepticism by investing in a course regarding each forex product.

The weekend gap expert advisor is a good choice regarding the opening and closing trades. However, one cannot depend upon mere reviews and comments. Hence, it is important to try a product yourself.

Hence, this is a recommended choice and should be among users’ go-to forex tools and products. Keep in mind that depending entirely on the automated bot can mess up at times. It is always advised to go through the working strategy and back test before investing in a product.

If a user still remains skeptical regarding the bot, it is advised to play on demo account with the new bot for 3-4 weeks before starting on live account. This makes the trader aware of the EA’s true potential and performance.

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