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Before giving you magic moving average EA review, let me tell you something. Amidst the ever-changing, technology-savvy world, unpredictability lurks in the shadows. Since the beginning of the 21st century, a lot has changed. Technology has been evolving with the speed of light. Hence, making it hard to keep up with. However, to adapt to change is to evolve for the better. Can we add the Magic Moving Average EA review to our Best EA page?

Unlike today, trading involved more than a personal computer with an internet access. However, it has come down to a room with a personal computer with internet and you are good to go.

Speaking of the change, the trading market along with ways of trading has changed as well. The Forex online trading market is known as converting money from one currency to another. The reason of doing so can be to balance the market, facilitate trade or make profit.

The Forex trading market has been introducing several bots and techniques which help traders to double their profit. Similarly, the Magic Moving Average EA is a forex technique which is going to be reviewed in order to observe its performance, trading strategy, packages and price, and back-test (if any).

Without further delay, let’s get into details for the magic moving average EA review.

What is Magic Moving Average EA?

The magic moving EA review has got all the information regarding the expert advisor’s background. The magic moving average EA is technique designed by Forex and provided by expert4x. The expert advisor is said to have low losses for forex transactions, hence making positive trades higher.

The plus point of the expert advisor is that it opens one trade at a time, which makes the account size considerably low. This means lower losses and higher profit. The bot has claimed to be an ideal one.

However, nothing in the world is idea. Everything has certain flaws and drawbacks to it. To discuss every plus and minus of the magic moving average EA, let’s get into further details.



magic moving average ea

Why choose Magic Moving Average EA?

The magic moving average EA review has observed the reason to the attention the bot has been drawing to itself for quite a while now. Since the world is getting busier with every passing day, people tend to spend their time wisely. Hence, the forex trading users have been demanding for a product which can trade continuously with low risks.

Upon several countless demands and requests, the Forex team has come up with the bot which is designed to do just what has been asked by the potential users. The plus points are:

  1. The magic moving average EA works on a set and forget strategy which trades continuously.
  2. The bot opens one trade at a time which has proved to be less risky and more profitable.
  3. The magic moving average EA has significantly low losses with dollar ($) currency.
  4. The bot has considerably good gains with dollar ($) currency.
  5. There is a 100% return provided by the bot on monthly basis.

These points have contributed to the fame and attention the bot has driven to itself. It is no surprise that the users want an easy to understand bot and a clear-cut strategy which works every time. Since the world of online trading is as brutal as it could be, the users always require 100% accurate and clear strategy which saves them from losing a fortune.

Right in time

The magic moving average EA review has fetched an intriguing information which is sure to surprise those who aren’t aware of it. The forex team had created the magic moving average EA bot many years ago. As it was observed, after a while, the bot seemed to get off the preference list for many users.

The reason: users’ impatience and the bot’s slow profit making. The two factors contributed to the bot’s downfall. However, one fine day, someone came up with the long-forgotten bot and decided to play on a test platform.

The results were surprising which lead everyone to switch to the old bot once again. For a $100 capital required, the bot made 1488% annual return on investment. This sure is an impressive figure. The size of negative trade for the particular capital is -$18 while the positive trade is +$226. The 12-month sum happened to be $1488.

These impressive figures helped the bot to regain its long-lost importance and fame. According to the EAFactory analysis, 70% traders are using the magic moving average EA on live accounts. Potential traders are using the bot with no complaints, confusion, on query asked on neither the forum nor help center. Which means that the bot is being used quietly and successfully.

The truth about Magic Moving Average EA

The magic moving average EA review has fetched the vital information which is the real source of the bot’s success. In the beginning of time, the bot was not introduced as a bot, but as an introductory course on “how to manage EAs”.

The users which do not want to investment in courses were the ones who couldn’t understand the bot’s true potential. However, those who purchased the course made the most out of the bot’s strategy and outstanding performance.

Installation and package

The magic moving average EA review has gathered the basic information regarding the package and installation. It’s better to have it all in one place rather than looking for information on several pages and tabs.

  • It’s important to know that the bot can solve all the issues regarding FIFO -US Forex Trader. Also, the hedging issue can be solved, too.
  • The EA purchase includes Udemy video course, six ebooks and settings guide.
  • The course and EA, both can be purchased for $130 via PayPal.

Conclusion of magic moving average EA

By the end of the magic moving average EA review, the picture appears to be quite clear. Since the bot has been tested on demo accounts as well as played live, the results have been constantly impressive. Is this now the best forex robot out there? Offcourse we can never say that.

Hence, there’s no reason denying the fact that the magic moving average expert advisor is a totally safe investment. Risks involved with the bot are almost negligible.

However, it is always better to try the EAs yourself rather than depending on mere reviews and comments, be it good or bad. Gaining experience is what makes a trader perfect for the brutal game.

Good luck!

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