Local Trade Copier Review

Well, the local trade copier review has a lot more potential to demonstrate the application. Most people are taking this tool as a beneficial trading bot for exchanging the value of a company. The forex applications have the qualities to deal with all the profit’s ups and downs with their robust strategies. A local trade copier is one of them. Let’s understand its features with a detailed review. Can we add the Local Trade Copier EA to our Best EA page?

What is local trade copier?

The local trade copier is an excellent forex trading application in revealing the multiple platforms for the specified brokers. The local trade copier review shows that the application is very comprehensive to work with MT4 brokers and its trading policies involve the same platform for working. Once you have installed the application, you need to check its working with specified brokers.

The local trade copier review represents the application a power-package for the users, and due to it, user-friendly assess the application is very beneficial for multiple users. Its accurate and precise working system helps in detailing the trading solutions with exact profit and loss. Btw if you want to learn day trading yourself then educate yourself. You can read this day trading masterclass review article for more info.

Let’s find out its feature for getting the complete idea

Local trade copier features

  • helps in trading with various accounts at a single platform
  • It copies the parent account and makes the different slave accounts
  • Works with low-risk factor
  • Application is very protected and safe
  • The application is excellent for making other slave accounts
  • 10 various profile for currency codes
  • No loss of money
  • has multiple effects for different forex platforms
  • Currency pairing is phenomenal for users and consumers as well

Who is behind the local trade copier?

The local trade copier review represents the application as a multi-purpose for forex trading dealers. So, its creator must be brilliant in dealing with the application with a lot of beneficial features. Well, Rimantas Petrauskas is the maker of this tool, and he is getting many praises from the people who are using this application.

However, The personal detail of the inventor is not there, but, its wisdom is apparent from his work, and we must recommend this application for all the forex trading companies.

Trading strategy

In the comment section of local trade copier review, it is shared that the application can handle the multiple accounts at one time. You don’t need to watch for your invested money because it works at low-risk factor and there will be no loss of money. Moreover, the ability to form many slave accounts is very significant for traders.

The application provides full benefits while working with MT4 brokers. Also, this platform is specified for forex trading bots and provides the maximum working opportunities for the dealers. The various accounts are handled without any confusion, and there will be protection for securing your system.

Moreover, If we talk about its currency pairing then, by utilizing the three central currency pair, it can deal with multiple pairs to get the job done. The whole system gets high alert specifications, and there are no chances of decoding any information. So, it’s very safe to use the application with your required currency exchange pair.

The most important thing about the local trade copier review is that people talk about wisely and present the application a potential power for the trading system. The local trade copier system will close up to a certain level, and the trading will not be there for that period. So, people love the profit limit and closing the trade after the required level.

Local trade copier packages and prices

The incredible application comes with three different packages to facilitate the people with the best. However, some packages are monthly while you can also get the yearly plan to get the unlimited benefits of this application. Let’s discuss it more.

LTC personal

  • Quick installation for 1 X computer/VPN
  • You can pay from credit cards
  • many master accounts
  • many slave accounts
  • Can receive updates until cancelled the subscription
  • Price is 10,42 EUR annually
  • Price is 15 EUR monthly

LTS manager

  • Quick installation for 5 X computers/VPN
  • Payment can be through credit cards
  • many master accounts
  • many slave accounts
  • Updates the application until cancelled
  • Martingale strategy mode
  • Price is 31.5 EUR annually
  • Prices are 45 EUR monthly


  • Quick installation for 15 X computers/VPN
  • You can pay from credit cards
  • has many master accounts
  • Has many slave accounts
  • Updates are given
  • Martingale strategy is available
  • Price is 63.0 EUR annually
  • Prices are 90 EUR monthly

Local trade copier reviews

The local trade copier reviews are significant in detailing trading with a business solution. Also, most people love to determine the application as an excellent trading bot with a lot more trading solutions. Some find it a potential boost up for the economic strategies of the company. We, it’s apparent that the application is very comprehensive in a lot more trading opportunities for getting the full benefits.

Pros & cons


  • The application is incredible for making multiple accounts.
  • The implementation of this application is vast for many users.
  • Make various accounts from one single parent account.
  • The master account is protected with its slave accounts.
  • The working station is MT4 for all forex users.
  • Helps in detailing the economic production
  • Best for bank managers
  • Specified currency pairs allow the safe and secured application
  • excellent package for UK users due to its tax saving feature


  • The application has a specific profit limit.
  • The slave accounts should have passcodes.
  • The master account could handle with the privacy policy.
  • The payment should be made through the machine.

Conclusion of local trade copier review

The local trade copier review let the user feel free for getting the application with feasibility and reliability. Its multiple effects on trading help in assessing business promotions with incredible detail. The company receives a fully protected application with specified currency codes and platforms. Its best feature is the profit with no loss of money. Hence, you can use this without worrying about the loss.

Moreover, the application works at low-risk factors to allow the user for getting an accurate and comprehensive trading tool. Please keep following our forex ea reviews website for other forex reviews!

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