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We are starting this week with a new article for Forex EA Reviews! And this time it´s a Hugosway review!

Before starting, the reason why we are choosing this robot is that it has been making a comeback in the charts. How crazy is that!? We are aware this software came back in 2017. But, after getting so many different upgrades, updates, and a whole change in general, it is famous again! So, in this article, we are going to highlight all the new features, settings, and changes in general. And hopefully, you are as surprised as we are with it right now.

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So, it´s time to start this Hugo´s Way review!

What´s Hugo´s Way Software About?

You might have heard about the company Hugo´s Way already. This is a software that came out to the market in 2017 as an ECN broker. And shortly after being released, it became a huge success with traders and investors in general. Also, another of the few reasons why this software is being very popular lately is because of the constant upgrades. These have been one of the main reasons why, even after a few years in the market, it still working brand new!

From what we have seen and read online, most professional Forex traders recommend this broker 100%. And do you know why? It is because they consider this company a great choice to get started in this market. The reason behind this statement is you get many premium and exclusive assets for an incredible price. And also you can expand your trading portfolio in no time. So far, this company supports cryptocurrency, hot assets, stocks, commodities, indices, and oil. Also, gas, precious metals, and all the Forex currencies are supported.

You have to keep in mind that this software is a great investment opportunity for everyone. And the fact all the features, settings, and options are all able to be customized is amazing! So you have to keep this in mind because t}not all companies allow you to fully personalize your experience while using their services.

We will talk about this in detail below in this Hugosway review!


Company Details Overview

Hugo´s Way is a company that presents itself as a fully transparent business. And they even provide their real address on the website just in case anyone is interested. At the moment they are based in Kingstown, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. And, with over 3 years in the market right now, this business still has the same popularity as before! We know already that the majority of this success comes from the developer´s works already. But, also the most experienced traders recommend this software because it can be very versatile. Everyone agrees this one is a great choice for traders who are getting started because you can customize it. And you also don’t need a lot of money up front to start investing with it right away.

Another thing to keep in mind is this business uses technology that most expert advisors, indicators, and other brokers don´t use yet. So make sure to use this wisely, as it can make you stand out from the rest of the other traders. Also, as there are different platforms to use this software, you can make the most out of it all at times. And all of those platforms are available to be fully customized to meet your expectations.

Regulations and Laws

While talking about this topic we know that all traders seek to find regulated services. So, at the moment, Hugo´s Way is a non regulated software. Yet, the developers behind have stated recently they are working towards that. So it´s a matter of time until you find out this broker is regulated by federal and government entities. Meanwhile, you just have to be patient and wait until it happens.

But don´t think that just because it´s not regulated it means your money is not secure. With this company, it´s the opposite situation! All your deposits and the companies´ funds are held separately in the bank. So, even if something happens, all your funds are safe in general. Remember this company is known for being one of the safest and most transárent companies out there.

If for some reason you still feel quite insecure, remember that you can always check out the official website. In there the company disclosed plenty of information about the client agreement, risk disclosure, and all security. And you can always get in touch with customer support when needed!

hugosway mt4

Trading Platforms Supported

Along with this Hugo´s Way review, we have highlighted many times the amazing and new technology used by this company. But, we are going to talk about it in full detail in this section. This service used mobile apps supported by all devices and you get the online version of this broker. Also, you can download the version for the pc if you want to use it directly. And keep in mind all these versions available work using the MT4 platform. But the MT5 is not supported yet, although you can do all the same things from this brokerage. Either way, you will get an amazing experience with this service.

And when it comes to the trading experience, you get to fully customize your broker. You can add or delete everything you want, this can go from trades to the features and settings. So far, settings like automated trading, timeframes, and such are available to be customized. And features like stop-loss, trailing-stop, take-profit, and money-management are supported as well. So as you can easily see, it´s up to you to choose what you want to achieve with this software. The options are almost unlimited!

Assets and Markets

Hold on! In this section of the Hugosway review, we are talking about the markets and assets available for you! So, guess what!? Many times we have mentioned the so-called versatility you get from operating with this broker. And now, we get to disclose all you need to know in detail.

At the moment, this brokerage supports a wide range of commodities, stocks, cryptocurrency, oil, and gas. Also, premium stocks, hot assets, and all the different Forex currencies available. These different liabilities supported are one of the main attractiveness of this software, apart from how easy it is to use it.

Even if you are a more experienced trader who only chooses some of the best stocks in the market, you will find what you need with this software. At the moment, you can even browse through different stock categories. in there you will find different ones going from technology, health, education, and luxe. So make sure you choose the right ones for you or the ones that excite you! You can expand your trading portfolio very easily in no time, don’t forget that.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

As everything is quick and easy with this broker, the deposit and withdrawal are just the same. As long as you have created and verified your account, Hugo´s Way does all the hard work for you. So, after creating your account on the official website, and proving your information, you are almost done. Just link a funds account, credit or debit card, or a service like Neteller or Paypal and you are good to go!

So, to deposit some money into your account just make sure you have made all the steps mentioned above, After that, choose any amount of money, and consider the minimum deposit has to be at least USD 10. And your money should be on your account ready to trade! And, if what you want is to withdraw your money, it´s almost the same process. Just go to your profile, request your money, and wait until it gets transferred to your account. But, you must keep in mind this process might take a few hours, so make sure you request it during working hours and be patient.

When it comes to fees while doing these things, Hugo´s Way only charges withdrawal fees. But the fee depends on how much money you are withdrawing and the service you are using to get your money. So there are many things to take into consideration about this matter.

Either way, you can check this out on the official website as well!

Hugo´s Way Mobile Apps

In many sections of this Hugosway review, we have spoken about the different apps available. So, to get into some detail about that we must mention they are supported by all devices. It doesn´t matter if you own an Apple or Android phone, you can even use them on iPods and Tablets. Also, keep in mind these apps work using the MT4 platform just like the online and desktop versions of this software. So you can customize them to your liking and needs as well!

And the best part is, if you choose to trade from these apps too, you will be up to date with the market. But how is that possible!? Well, these apps allow you to do all the things as you would on the online version. So you can change the trends, adjust the lot sizes, choose other currencies or commodities, enter or exit new trades, and such! There´s nothing you can´t do!

Hugo´s Way Accepted Countries

Hugo´s Way is an international company available in over 1000 countries around the world. Despite that, as they are not regulated yet, their software is not supported in as many countries at the moment. So, the list of places where this brokerage is not available yet are Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Burma. Also Yemen, Syria, Panama, the United Kingdom, Bahamas, Pakistan, Korea, Botswana, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Sudan. Lastly, Malta, Lybia, Lebanon, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Cambodia, Iraq, Congo, Cuba, the United States, Ghana, and Japan.

But keep in mind that, despite this list being quite long at the moment, once this software gets regulated very soon, it will change. So it´s a matter of time until the majority of these countries are supported as well! Just keep your eyes open for an update.

Customer Service Available

Hugo´s Way is known amongst traders for being a trustworthy and reliable company. And they also have amazing customer support that everyone will benefit from. As you log in on the official website, you will see they have a form where you can submit your inquires. Also, you can get in touch with them through their social media disclosed by the end of the page. And there are some phone numbers available as well as an e-mail.

Just keep in mind that they reply during working hours, so it might take some time until you get an answer.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Hugo´s Way provides free demo accounts for all traders as soon as they log in on the website.
  • This company has tons of different assets to choose from.
  • You will find the best exclusive offers and stocks with this company.


  • Hugo´s Way is not regulated yet.
  • It works with the MT4 platform only.

Summary Hugosway Review

Once we already went through all the details, the information needed, and trying this software, we got an opinion about this Hugosway. First of all, we are happy and impressed with the results gotten and the feedback from other traders. For us, this one is a great choice for traders of all levels, even the most experienced ones. And the reason behind it is because you can expand your trading portfolio while still getting amazing results as well. The price point and how easy it is to use this broker make a great investment and option for everyone. So, you should try it out as soon as you can if you are looking for a new way to invest your money.

Don´t forget to share your thoughts and expires with us about this software and company in general. And share this Hugo´s Way review with a trader who might need it too!

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