FxStabilizer EA Review

FxStabilizer EA Review

This article is about FxStabilizer EA Review. Here, we will study and analyze as much information about this EA as we could. This article’s content includes features, developers’ background of this EA, trading strategy & its pros & cons. Let’s get started. Can we add the FxStabilizer EA to our Best EA page?

What is FxStabilizer EA?

FxStabilizer EA is a well-known automated Forex robot that trades on its own on your trading account. According to the official website, the developers claim this robot can earn a very stable income plus profits every day. They promise amazing reliability and longevity in the ever-changing trading market with a limited breakdown.

Also, this robot operates in 2 different mode settings:

  • Durable: Stable profit and very safe.
  • Turbo: High-profit mode but very risky.

So, you are free to set up the robot to work on your preferred choices, depending on your capital and trading strategy.

FxStabilizer EA Features

In this section of the FxStabilizer EA Review, we will disclose the Key features of this EA.

  • It is 100% automated trading software.
  • It is very beginner-friendly(provides easy setup to install)
  • This robot has fully optimized settings.
  • It has 24/7 customer support services.
  • Also, it works on specific pairs only.
  • It has a premium Forex strategy combined with algo trading.

Who is behind FxStabilizer EA?

There is no official information about the developers, owners, location, or creators of this Forex robot in the official web page. But, for our FxStabilizer EA review, we decided to investigate on our own.

The website is stated this company launched FxStabilizer since 2015 and has been working amazingly until today. Even says since then has been bringing steady profits without any failure or losses. Also, we found out the robot is created and operated by the creators of the Forex Store. This company owns many other EAs for Forex, such as Forex Spectre, Powerful Forex, and FX Charger.


FxStabilizer EA Trading Strategy

We took our time for this FxStabilizer EA review and analyzed the whole performance of the robot. So in this section, we will discuss the implemented trading system of the robot in the trading market.

Like many others, this robot trades automatically on your trading account after you decide your preferred settings. So, it earns a very stable profit every single day with each transaction. Because it calculates the right time to enter trades to achieve the most money, a good part is you will get a lot of security using FxStabilizer. It is equipped with a highly secure mechanism for all your transactions in the trading market.

The official site states: “FxStabilizer might not be the most super-profitable one, but it is the most reliable one.” It’s supposedly meant to protect you from losing a lot of money on high-risk trading. FxStabilizer EA works with up to 8 different trading currencies. These are EURUSD, AUDUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, USDCAD, CHFJPY, EURGBP, and GBPCHF. We find it super important to mention the developers have a really important disclaimer almost at the final part of the page. They are also using a support and resistance mt4 indicator.

Furthermore, as we mentioned at the start of this FxStabilizer EA review, this robot has two different working mechanisms. A Durable mode that works best on stable, not so risky profits and a Turbo mode built specifically to invest in higher trading with many risks involved. There isn’t much more insight about these tools the robot comes with, so planning to buy it proceed with caution.

FxStabilizer EA review

FxStabilizer EA Packages/Prices

In the official FxStabilizer EA website, you will find the robot in two different software packages, whichever you want to choose.

FxStabilizer Pro

  • It trades with eight different currency pairs.
  • Includes an extra license of the Unlocked version of the EA
  • Price: USD 789

FxStabilizer Ultimate

  • It trades with six different currency pairs.
  • It uses hard drawdown control.
  • Includes a decision to choose from Durable and Turbo modes.
  • Price: USD 539

On an important note: None of these packages have a trade mode switch.

They provide a 30-day full back money guarantee if you are not happy with the robot’s performance. At the very end of the website, you will find that the developers also sell other EAs for a lower price.

FXStabilizer AUDUSD

  • Trades on AUDUSD
  • It uses hard drawdown control.
  • It includes Durable and Turbo modes.
  • Live statistics since 2015
  • Price: USD 295

FXStailizer EURUSD

  • Trades on EURUSD
  • It uses hard drawdown control.
  • Live statistics since 2016
  • Price: USD 295

With the purchase of any of the packages listed above, you will get one unlimited EA license for the MT4 account. Apart from free updates for a lifetime and detailed user manuals.

Client’s Review

To make our FxStabilizer EA review as transparent as possible, we compiled a lot of customer feedback. Most clients leave negative reviews about FxStabilizer EA. They have stated the results published on the official website showing the robot’s performance is impossible to meet on their own. We even found they don’t have as many clients anymore.

Pros and Cons:

In this section of the FxStabilizer EA Review, we will disclose the pros and cons because we can’t complete a review without this section.


  • This EA has wide asset specifications.
  • It has an intraday timeframe.
  • Its trading result has been verified from Myfxbook.


  • It has provided little information about the company & developers.
  • This EA is relatively costly.
  • This EA has quite a bad client review.
  • It has an unproven strategy.


FxStabilizer EA Review Conclusion

FX Stabilizer provided a verified trading result showing on myfxbook, but if a real user has rated it low, you’d better stay away. There are too many scams operating on the forex and cryptocurrency markets.

After having a brief discussion for this FxStabilizer EA reviews, we don’t find the robot to be very trustworthy after all. Clients’ feedback is very important because it proves credibility with the public, so they will want to buy from you. Overall, if you’re going to try it yourself to test it, but you must go ahead at your own risk. Please keep checking other articles on our forex ea reviews website.

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